NOT Hulk notices seatbelt shuffle

You shimmy and shake , like a 80’s wedding singer , trying to get on the first thing you should of put on.

Where does this taxi driver mentality come from.

Your car is rolling , you have already begun your journey, yet you jiggle an shake to get it on before anything should happen why can’t people wake up and realize it only takes one time, one mistake to change their lives and the lives of others.

Just put your seatbelt on before change gears and get underway you don’t need to show us your acrobatics old guy , your wife isn’t around , save that shit for the bedroom. Trust me she will be impressed, that child in the backseat of that golf you almost hit in the parking garage won’t be.

Let him not be the only Darwin disaster; pretty sure I saw you brown female twin just slightly younger while in reverse rolled forward an wrecked her bumper on a parking island with the same vigor you showed today.

Still unsure if your gene pool was put here to cull the population. Buckle up stupid!


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