NOT Hulk smashes tire iron over morning motorists kneecaps

What happens when a single left turn lane becomes 5 lanes? Well I’ll tell you…it isn’t very pleasant. Its about 12 degrees of annoying past 50 fucking shades of get the fuck out of here. Do you know what the main annoyance is, its not that taxi fingering his hooter behind you looking for that 2 rand he dropped in it ten years ago when he decided school was for fools; or the aunty screaming at the bus that has cut her off so now she has to squeeze in on the on oncoming lane; or the fact that there is a car full of cops failing to yield to traffic coming in from the right, its that every single idiot driving just stares straight and acts calm as if they just stole something.

I swear if I could only drag them all to a room armed with only a cattle prod ( device designed to shock large animals without killing ) and light up their backsides I would die happy. I would giggle like a little school girl with each zap zap zap. Every morning its the same. Every morning they all want to shove and push and race each other to clog up the road. For what? We all need to be somewhere so why add to the frustration, why clog the road and make everyone else including yourself go slower.

Because they’re all dumb lil shits

6a00d8341c7ed153ef00e553f7b0a48834-500wi roadrage1


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