HMS Dakota Kingles

Like ships in the night we pass

Amidst daytime mist and midnight fog

Only bits and pieces we are revealing

Our foghorns they are bleating

Of fun times and sad times

A Far Cry of three times

With pink elephants and Indian Asians for all

And yes India is in Asia

I stand on deck and yell

As you dance and giggle

To your tiny self

As we pass each other during the day night

Until we get so far away

We disappear

And never bleat our horns again

This is for Dakota, a friend I didn’t get to know well. You are gone but not forgotten let this stand as memorial for you and your friends that will surely miss you…most of them. Your second life may have been fleeting but not before we got to know you and shared in the fun you brought to our second lives…when you wasn’t ignoring us or getting us locked in pretend prison or peeing on us randomly. I was glad to know you for the shortest week and glad I finally convinced you that Indians are Asian too (and this memorial will stay up forever without you being able to dispute my claims). You will be missed and I hope when you’re sad or lonely or even when you’re happy that you will one day find this blog post and smile and flip me the finger knowing full well I will never be able to see it 😛

Dakota is the lil one on the left the other two you know who you are.

Remember to have a great first lifeweb_54fea69ef8a1ec288e000001


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